About Us

Who are we?

WebDefender’s team consists of several friends, who have successful careers in the IT industry – lead developers, team leaders, project managers, etc. Each one of us reached the breaking point where we feel capable of contributing to society. Thus, we start looking for an opportunity to combine our knowledge into solving an issue most people have. Since we all have the same background, almost at the same time we came up with the idea of WebDefender. Here is why we do what we do:

Why WebDefender?

WebDefender is a project started with the sole purpose of solving an issue of modern society. We started digging into what this issue could be. Each one of us opened a browser and did a deep dive into the web. A dive that could be very dangerous if you are not aware of what you are doing. And here is the problem we found:

The problem

Browsers are the official gateway to WWW. The web is fascinating, entertaining and useful. There are tons of superlatives that we can say about the WWW. Unfortunately, it could be extremely dangerous too. People should always visit unfamiliar websites with caution and avoid sharing any private information. There is an endless number of jeopardies online. It is impossible for a single person to be aware of all of them. This is where our team feels the strongest. Along the years we’ve gained huge knowledge of online security. The challenge was to find a way to make the solution easy to use for those who do not have any knowledge of online security.

The solution

Since browsers are the way to access the world wide web, we decided to develop an extension, which will guard you online and will tell you when you are in danger. Almost immediately, we came up with the most appropriate name of the project – WebDefender. After analyzing most popular online jeopardies and their access points, we included intelligent features to avoid them and eliminate the chance of exposing your private information. Unfortunately, possible damage may have been done prior to WebDefender’s installation. Our software will warn you if your personal information has been compromised at any point. Thus, you will be able to take prompt actions to eliminate or minimize damages.